What Publication Editors Are Looking for in Your Guest Content (infographic)

How to Pitch Your Content to Editors: Tips, Tricks and Stats on Writing Guest Articles Without Ruffling Editors' FeathersGuest Blogging is one of the finest techniques to get noticed by search engines. It is an easy way to get a high authority backlink. But on the other hand, it is very difficult to convince someone to give you the opportunity to write a guest post on his blog. There are various reasons for the rejection. Let's put a light over guest blogging facts and reasons for the rejection.

The Scope of Guest Posting:

  • 76% of the editors publish up to 10 guest posts weekly.
  • 94% of the editors are planning to publish the guest posts this year.

Preference of Editors in terms of content formats:

  • 67% of the editors looking forward to publishing video content
  • 52% of the editors are interested in publishing the infographics.
  • 40% of them have the plan to publish podcasts.

Why publish Guest Content:

  • Different people may have different ideas and opinions that increases the variety of content.
  • Increased Traffic and page view generation

Why editors reject your Guest Posts:

  • 79% of them say that the content is too promotional.
  • 56% of the editors say that the content is not according to their readers' standards.
June, July, August, and December are the ideal months when the editors are looking for the guest contributors. To read the complete figures and facts, please check the infographic below, which comes courtesy of Influenceandco.
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Here's Why Editors Reject Your Guest Blog Pitches [New Research]

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