The History Of Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (Infographic)

Content marketing dates back as early as the 1700s with Benjamin Franklin’s first ever annual edition "Poor Richard’s Almanack" as a promotion of his printing business. Also, in 1898, John Deere made advances towards this genre and published the first agricultural magazine.

All these examples paved way for the modern content marketing showed people a new direction with which they can promote their products efficiently. Even before the emergence of the world wide web, storytelling, relevance and personal experience of the customers were included in the advertisement for a product as a prime marketing strategy. These trends shifted, however, by the end of the 20th century with the commercialization of personalized home-based computers.

Online marketing became a thing and during early 2002, blogs changed from being a mere hobby to full-time careers. Diversity got more pronounced among bloggers and the content that was posted online started affecting people’s lives, for good and bad. The future of blogging started to raise many questions and its effect on the lives of people and the advertisement industry started to take form. With Pressflex LLC in 2002, and AdSense by Google in 2003, blogging became a more prominent mean of advertisement and the market flourished.

Following infographic perfectly depicts the history of content marketing and SEO.

The History Of Content Marketing and SEO (Infographic)
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