The Uber App gets smarter – allows ease of communication between drivers and consumers

Uber launches a new feature in which the passengers can call the drivers directly from the app itself using the internet.

According to the official announcement by the ride-sharing application on Thursday, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is introduced for users globally who can use the data-calling feature on their mobile and communicate conveniently with the drivers through the application.

Up until now, Uber only offered communication through in-app messaging or via carrier-based voice calling and texting. However, the move definitely gives Uber the edge in the global market, as data calling is much cheaper than voice calling. The new feature will help users connect with their drivers without relying on the GSM/GSMA local carriers. Additionally, riders who have international roaming turned on will also not have to worry about the financial burden the previous method was causing.

Although, Uber has not yet confirmed when their latest application feature would be available for users but we can expect the same to happen very soon.

Say Goodbye to local network, Uber now lets you call the driver from application using internet

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