Happy Glass, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger: Top Ten Most Downloadable iPhone Apps in September (infographic)

A new list of top ten most downloaded iPhone apps of the September has been released. In the list some of the apps are new and some are old. Regardless, we’re certain that any or all of these apps will make your life easier, and help you get the most out of your iOS device. No doubt iPhone is the most famous mobile all over the world. So we want to help you out know the top ten apps of the month that are essential and can bring fun in your life.
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This time once again gaming app rule the iOS top ten apps download chart, there are 6 gaming apps that manage to place in the top ten positions. Furthermore, the number one downloaded app “Happy Glass” is also a gaming app, downloaded 18.85 million times followed by the WhatsApp and Facebook vice versa. Whereas, Spotify capture the 7 positions and Netflix is at 9. While, Facebook still holds the overall most downloaded app of all time. Following is the list of top ten downloaded apps.

The Global Top 10 iPhone Apps (Chart)

Chart courtesy of: Statista.

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