Facebook to face a lawsuit for miscalculating video metrics

A small group of marketers has filed a lawsuit on Facebook, alleging that the social network was aware of measurement miscalculations a year prior to the official report. The complaint by the group was filed in California’s federal courts in the year 2016. However, the group that dubs itself LLE One and includes Crowd Siren and Social Media Models of Las Vegas added a new complaint on Tuesday, suggesting the social media network to be highly fraudulent.

The spokeswoman of the leading social media network, however, defies all the allegations made by the group and terms the “lawsuit to be without merit.” According to her, the company never tried to hide the issues from their customers and immediately informed them about the error as soon as it was evident. The company even updated regarding the issue on their official help center.

In September 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook has miscalculated the time spent watching videos by 60% to 80%. This set off several other miscalculations handed by the company leading to a lawsuit. The opposed also alleged Facebook to know about the metric disparity since the year July 2015. However, the company never bothered to make corrections in order to retain their goodwill.
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Additionally, the LLE One group also alleges that Facebook had never performed a full audit of its video metrics before September 2016 and never hired a sufficient number of engineers to fix video-related errors.

Facebook Admitted That It Was Inflating Video Metrics. Now a Lawsuit Says the Problem Started Much Earlier—and Was Way Worse
Image: The Verge

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