Twitter Periscope announces new features for creators

Periscope, the live streaming application from Twitter, has announced on Tuesday that now broadcast creators will be able to assign chat moderators as well as various new tools to edit their future replays.

"Conversation is at the heart of Periscope. We’ve always believed in the power of live video to bring people together to share an experience. But, sometimes people take advantage of the real-time, open nature of Periscope and send comments that detract from everyone else’s conversation. We’re committed to ensuring conversation on Periscope is healthy, and are rolling out an update that allows broadcasters to select moderators for the comments in their broadcasts.", Wrote Periscope in a Medium post.

The chat moderators assigned by the creators will be able to monitor comments and mute offensive people, Periscope said. They will be muted until the live stream ends, and the interesting part is that other viewers will be aware of the fact that these users are muted.

After the end of the live stream, creators will be able to see and block the offensive people permanently from commenting on any future live streams.
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All these features will be available in the creator's Periscope profile, i.e, assigning the comment moderators.

Further, three more tools were introduced for the creators that can be used to enhance their live stream replays.

The tools are:
  1. The best part of the videos can be highlighted choosing the thumbnails by the creators. 
  2. The video's titles would be editable. 
  3. To avoid boredom for the viewers, custom start point can also be chosen while replaying the videos.

Periscope broadcasters can now assign their own chat moderators
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