2018 State of Social Media Videos: Consumer Trends (Infographic)

Videos are a staple addition to any marketing content. The videos posted on social media are not only valuable for acquiring new consumer but also for retaining the previous.

The 2018 State of the Social Video - Consumer Trends report released recently also emphasizes the importance of videos for both – the consumers and marketers. The survey questioned around 1,017 participants regarding their interaction with videos and brands on social media.

Here are the key findings of the report:

• 93 percent of marketers agree that new customers are usually attracted to their product/service via a video they shared on social media
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• Videos are the consumer’s top favorite content from their preferred brand on social media

• Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the top channels for watching videos

• However, Instagram has emerged as the top video platform for driving purchases in the year 2018

• Consumers enjoy how-to tutorials and videos about sales and promos the most

For more trends on social video 2018, check out the infographic below.

2018 State of Social Media Videos: Consumer Trends (Infographic)
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