Smartphone Operating System Battle: Android P vs iOS 12 [Infographic]

As all of you know, the world of smartphones' Operating Systems (OS) is dominated by the Google's Android and the Apple's iOS, both the companies have recently launched their latest OS versions Android P and iOS 12, respectively. They are adding newest features in both the OS and we may be  wondered to see Android's features in iOS and the iOS features in Android.

Showdown! iOS 12 vs. Android (9) Pie:


In iOS 12, the gestures are inherited from iOS 11 and are a little bit better than the older one while in the Android P, they are debuting.

Notch support:

Notch support was first introduced in iOS 11 and is the same in iOS 12 too while it's added to Android P too and is probably better than the iOS, because of its customizability.

Voice Assistant:

We can say the Apple's Siri is smarter while the Google Assistant is the smartest. In Android P, it is even more revolutionized.
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Usage monitoring:

Excellent reporting on your usage of specific apps you use is added in both the OS that will help you in the management of time.

Face Unlock Technology:

iPhone has already moved into Face unlock security system. Many Android phones are also moving that way. Android P makes things more secure but it's hard to beat Apple in terms of security. It's clear that Face ID is much better and is more secure.

There are a number of many other features that can be compared. In some aspects, iOS is leading while Android P is not coming slow in other aspects. So, we can't say who is going to win this battle. Have a look at the infographic below for more clear comparison.
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Apple iOS 12 vs Google Android (9) P: Who is Winning the OS War

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