Elderly People On The Internet and Social Media - #infographic

The Elderly & The World Wide Web (Infographic)Did you know that baby boomers spend 115+ hours per month online and that 7 in 10 of older internet users go online every day.

The internet, social media and smartphones are no longer the exclusive domain of younger people. Over the past years, more and more elderly people have started venturing online. They have lower rates of technology adoption than the general public (and millennials), but this group is more digitally connected than ever. Studies show that educated seniors with higher incomes end to use the internet at higher rates.

The infographic below, produced by Medalerthelp, will help you understand what older people do online, their relationship with digital technology, more specifically – their relationship with the social media, internet and smart devices.

Elderly and the World Wide Web [Infographic]
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