Google started taking Care of User's Data Privacy by Launching new Feature to Wipe out Internet Search History

Google is making it easier to wipe out your search historyEveryone knows Google stores all user's data on its huge server. Google's business model forces it to do this all. A large portion of revenue earned by Google is actually generated from the advertisement. So the user’s data work as a gold mine for Google, although the tech giant provides the option to delete the browser history still it keeps your data in their server.

But now Google introduce the easiest way to delete all your data from the server unlike before which was hidden under the settings. Furthermore, Google introduces some extra features that let you control your privacy like disabling ad personalization and protecting Google servers from saving any activity. Ultimately this will be very helpful for the users to easily access and control history.
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Currently, Google is introducing this service for the search history of mobile and desktop devices. Hopefully, in the next year, Google will also introduce this feature in Google map as well in an effort to improve company's overall privacy setup.

Definitely, the business model of Google did not allow to introduce this privacy feature. But due to the major hacking scandal like Facebook, Google plus, and many more forces the company to change their privacy policy. Therefore, Google is gradually diversifying their business by investing in different hardware and software companies to minimize the dependent on ads revenue generation only.

Google makes it easier to wipe your search history

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