Google Unleashed Discover Feed for Mobile Web on its HomePage in the U.S.

The search giant Google has updated its homepage for mobile devices supporting both Android and iOS devices in the U.S. It now features the new version of Discover Feed.

What are the changes?

A set of cards is now visible below the search box linking you with stories based on your interests. These cards have a title, a cover image, excerpt of the content, and other necessary information about the website. The stories will be based on your search history and interests and may link you to YouTube videos, photo galleries, and more.

You'll be able to customize the cards as per your interests using the menu on the top-right corner of each card. You can block a site from being showing if you don't like it. You'll have the option to see more or fewer stories of that specific featured topic. A card will be visible on top and will have an explanation of all the features when you'll see discover for the first time.

Currently, it is available in the U.S only and it's unknown when they are going to unleash for the rest of the world. But it is expected that we'll explore it soon.
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Google Discover begins rolling out to on mobile web
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