Gmail now has 1.5 Billion Active users on board, tweeted Google

Gmail came, it saw, and conquered. The world of the email was dominated by Yahoo and Hotmail until Gmail arrived in 2004. Gmail was equipped with more email storage, a cleaner email UI and a bunch of other useful features.

Nowadays, when someone still comes up with a Hotmail or Yahoo email address, it gives us a surprising shock. In a recent tweet by Google, it proudly announced that 1.5 billion active users are on board using its email services.
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1.5 billion users don't mean that there are 1.5 real people on board with the most reliable email service. There are many people who have multiple Gmail accounts, created for different purposes. Although the actual number of people using Gmail may be less than 1.5 billion, still this figure is impressive.

Facebook too, boasts about its active user count. Facebook now has more than 2 million active users monthly. So, we can say that both the giants, Google and Facebook, have dominated the internet.

Gmail now has more than 1.5 billion active users
Image: Techcrunch
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