After 10 Years: The Overview of Android (AKA Google Play Store) Market

On the tenth anniversary of Android market, App Annie just releases the report honoring Google for reaching 70 percent of total download that is something extraordinary but despite the number of downloads from the Google account only accounted 34% of total revenue generated as compared to the App store in 2017. A figure that relatively stayed consistent.

Google achieve this huge download mark by the wide distribution of the devices and low cost that benefited to reach in emerging market. Despite topping the download list, Apple is still far ahead in generating revenue from the App store due to their better ecosystem.

Google play generates more than twice the downloads of the iOS app store

According to the following chart India topped with 36 billion downloads on android apps followed by the USA with a narrow margin and Brazil at the third number. App Annie further concluded that half of the Google play consumer app belongs to the Asia Pacific. Japan topped the list with 25 billion dollars spent on Apps, USA is at the second number (19.3 billion dollars) and South Korea is at third with 11.2 billion dollars.

Japan is the largest market by all-time Google play consumer spend

The firm credit some the success to the carriers billing that facilitate the users to buy the App by topping up the phone number, no need of credit. Due to that reason, spending in the market increased in South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Games contributed almost about 41% of download that shared almost 88% of the total spending.

The difference between the installed app and used app is more in Australia, the United Kingdom, and South Korea as compared to the other countries. On daily bases, 30 apps are used by the user out of 100 installed apps.

The firm further gave the report by releasing the chart of the top ten most downloaded games and spend on games and all-time most downloaded apps and the spend on apps. Which are as follows.

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