Your Portal Data could be used in Targeted Advertising, said Facebook

Facebook has recently introduced Portal, a new video-chat device and it is expected that Facebook will use the data collected by this device to target its user with ads.

Facebook announced its own branded hardware products including AI-powered smart speakers and video-chat devices. The video chat device will let you call your friends that are on Facebook.

Although, first Facebook said, as reported by Recode, that there will be no advertisements shown on the devices but later it has admitted that the data of Portal customers that it collects may be used in targeted advertising.

According to a Facebook spokesman, it collects the same type of information about the video call that is already being collected on other devices with Messenger-enabled. He further added that this information may be used to show ads across other platforms.

Facebook is already under regulatory scrutiny after the recent chain of scandals including the hack of personal data of 50 million users.

Facebook introduced several security features (like completely disabling the microphone or covering the camera) to overcome this scandal and insist that it can still be trusted with user's data.

It looks like that Facebook could use data collected from its Portal device to target you with ads
Image: Facebook
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