Pinterest Launched Product Recommendations For Easier Shopping

While all the other social media creates an outlet for people to interact with each other, Pinterest creates an environment where users connect by sharing with new ideas and products that interest them—all with the simple “save” of a Pin.

And, since the Pinterest functionality is totally different as it works as a powerful search engine. Therefore, targeting is based on keywords. There is the recommendation tool like Shop The Look and Lens that helps in figuring out what else you need. Even in Case, your audience might enter as a search query that increases the chances that your ad appears in front of users who are truly interested in your product or services because they are actually looking for it in the first place.

Furthermore, Pinterest now starts a new feature “Product Pin” for the seller by providing a new shortcut in the main home feed button. If you hold down a Style pin there, that same shopping icon will pop up, by selecting that tag it will directly take to shopping specific feed. From where you can buy the product.

"We’re making hundreds of millions of Pins shoppable with up-to-date pricing and stock information, with links that go directly to the checkout page on the retailer’s site where you can buy in a few clicks. Just look for the new shopping tag icon, and you'll know it's in stock. And, a new shopping recommendations section can now be found beneath Style and Home Pins so you can browse similar items across multiple brands.", said Pinterest in a blog post.

Thanks to the advancement in machine vision and visual search that made it possible to extracts the essence of the image, style, and taste of it, and uses that to query all other products that are stylistically similar to the interest of the users.

By introducing the “Product Pin”, Pinterest may soon end buyable product as this did not catch the attention of the users. The company observed that consumers preferred to buy pinned items from the retailer's website, versus Pinterest itself.

Pinterest also highlighted that, "New Product Pins are rolling out globally across mobile apps and (website). The shopping recommendations section is live in the U.S., and will be appearing globally in the future."

Pinterest introduces dynamic pricing, product recommendations for style and home decor

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