#SocialMedia Marketing: How to Turn #Pinterest Into A Revenue Generating Channel - #infographic

#SocialMedia Marketing: How to Turn Pinterest Into A Revenue Generating Channel - #infographic

Did you know that customers spend more money when converted from a Pinterest referral than any other social referral (i.e Facebook or Twitter).

Pinterest is one of the most used social media sites with over 70 million registered users, 71 percent percent of those members being women. Because of these statistics, you have no choice but to leverage it.

But, the real question is how do you generate revenue from Pinterest? How it can be leveraged to make you more money?

To show you how you can use Pinterest from a marketer’s perspective, Quicksprout designed an infographic that breaks down everything you need to know about this visual-oriented network.

How to Turn #Pinterest into a Revenue Generating Channel - #infographic #socialmedia
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