All Pinterest Business Accounts Get the Access To "Shop the Look Pins" Feature

Shop the look Pins, which were only available for the large businesses are now being offered to all by Pinterest. It’s a product-tagging that’s free, previously available for fashion and home décor Pins, are now available for everyone who has a business account.

Shop the look Pins lets the businesses tag their products with organic Pins, this tag is a tiny white dot. When its tapped by the user, more information about the product, like availability and price will be displayed to them, also, a link to purchase that item.

Among over 250 million of its monthly users, around 67 percent have met ways with a new product form the business accounts in this app. 93 percent of the pinners claim to plan the purchase using Pinterest.

Pinterest claims that Pins have a shelf life that is longer than most posts that disappear in a day or so. The engagement that these Pins drive can last for around 120 days.

Shop to look Pins is a visual discovery tool by Pinterest. These show more information regarding the product in question for the users and help in making revenue for the businesses instead of showing similar, new products.

Pinterest gives SMBs access to Shop the Look Pins, a free product-tagging tool for organic Pins
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