WhatsApp, Messenger, Helix Jump, Instagram, Facebook: Top 10 Apps Downloaded Globally In The Past Month

Last month had been quite eventful for the apps online. With a figure of 350 million for the total number of downloads for all the given apps, we can easily say that it must have been quite profitable for some big names, or well, mostly just one, Facebook, the company as well as the app.

Out of these downloads, 71.66 million were of WhatsApp alone. These statistics are confirmed by Priori Data and the chart below illustrated how the market heavily dominated by Facebook, the company this time.

Most of these downloads are of WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Messenger Lite and the parent app, Facebook itself, along with its lighter version. With such numbers, it does not seem that the company is losing any part of it rightly deserved popularity any time soon.

Other names that popped up are Helix Jump, with over 37 million downloads, musically by Tik Tok with 33.44 million, and Rise Up and Hello Stars, with 25.91 million and 24.36 million downloads respectively.

The Global Top 10 Android Apps - infographic

Chart courtesy of: Statista.
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