15+ Incredibly Useful Google Tricks, Tools and Apps You've Never Heard Of

17 helpful Google products and services you never knew existedGoogle is without a doubt famous for its very well known services of Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Docs among many others. These services aid countless people around the globe each day.

However, many other features which are not that well known, are some of many interesting aspects of Google services that you have been missing out on each day.

Given below are the seventeen services and products that went under the radar, albeit of being incredible on their own:

1. Google Keep can organize your notes and give you reminders when you’re too busy to keep the tiny details in mind. The good thing, it performs for both Smartphone and desktops so you can get reminders no matter which device you are using and you will never have to miss a deadline.

2. Google Search can serve as a timer as well if you put an amount of time in the search bar followed by ‘timer’, for example, “5-minute timer” and it’ll give you a heads up by an alarm sound when the time is up, in this case, 5 minutes.

3. Google Sky is an incredible tool that helps you reach the sky and beyond. By utilizing the images of NASA satellite, the Slogan Digital Sky Survey and the infamous Hubble Telescope. Browse Google Sky to learn more about it.

4. For all the readers out there, Google books nGram viewer the ultimate tool that lets you read the pages of about 5.2 million books that were published from 1500 till 2008. So you can monitor their change over time. Go ahead for Google Books and learn more about it.

5. Type “=english” and now you don’t have to worry about pronouncing huge numbers like type “2463882=english” and you’ll know what that huge figure is called without having to do all the tiring math in your head.

6. The “manual” feature of Google Translate will let the person draw symbols or characters. Check out Google Translate to find out more about it.

7. You can type in 80 different languages by the services of Google Input Tools without needing to download a specific new keyboard. Try Google Input Tools on Android on the Google Chrome

8. Bored with your same old font? No need to worry, Google is here with a variety of fonts to suit your everyday mood. No need to get stuck with the same old one just because you don’t have enough options. You can browse them all via Google Fonts.

9. Like its name, Google Scholar helps you get the access to the research journals and papers when you find the need. No need to browse through lengthy books and journals yourself. Search for Google Scholar for the details.

10. Get High Definition photos of the artworks belonging to the greatest museums around the world and be mesmerized by the eccentric beauty of the various cultures via Google Arts and Culture. You can get your selfie recognized as an art masterpiece from the past by using this app, Android, iOS.

11. If you’re a marketer who utilizes data to collect information regarding the industry, Think With Google is your to go tool that works as a “digital cheat sheet”. Go ahead and browse or subscribe cost-free to a newsletter on it.

12. Google Trends helps you be with the latest trends of the world. This tool will tell you all about what the people care for. Stay in touch with what the people are doing throughout the globe. Here you can search for the most searched trends around the globe. It can even tell you about the ups and downs, in a graphical form, of different trends that go around. The ones that left and the ones that took their place, all that you need to know about it.

13. There is even a service for delivering food, books and even electronics among many other things via Google Express. Among the things you order, you get your food on the same day. The entirety of United States can avail from this service. It usually comes with a free 3-day shipping if you order for over $25 on Google Express.

14. Forgot the lyrics of the song you love? Google voice search is here to rescue. Using the Google Assistant, it will help you correctly identify the song then gives you the option to get it downloaded via Google play music, Spotify or YouTube. With an android, you can just sound search to get the results on your device.

15. Google even has an entire collection of animal noises. All you have to do is search for “animal sounds” or the specific animal that you want to listen to, and get that sound on your very own device.

16. A special iPhone app, Gboard helps you to use Google search via your keyboard only, you don’t have to go to an entirely different app for that service anymore. It’s easy and saves the effort.

17. If you want to donate and can't set your mind on a particular charity, Google One Today is your app to consult. The app lets you know about a number of different charities with a precise description and you can know how you can aid the given charity. Start your search on One Today website to learn more about the service.

Although less known, these apps can make your everyday life easier and more interesting.
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