Google On A Crackdown Mission Against The Tech Support Scammers

Google is out on the hunt for the Tech Support Scams this time. The company has sworn to take stern measures against the campaign, and prevent such ads from making their way to the users. Restrictions have been implemented on the promotion of tech support ads throughout the globe and un the next few months, there is a verification system rumored to be introduced for this. These ads will not completely vanish from your home page, however, you'll hopefully see a considerably less number of such ads in the near future.

In 2017, about 3.2 billion ads that were suspiciously irksome were removed by Google. It has also claimed to have had crackdowns on the ads in the categories such as rehab center and also, bail bond services.

The company has dubbed this tech support verification system’s introduction as a part of this approach. It was found to be a necessity to look out for the ads that were coming out as difficult to be distinguished as bogus services from seemingly authentic providers.

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This was particularly fueled by the discovery of the Wall Street Journal of a considerable number of tech support ads that were not quite authentic.

An example of such an ad is the one posed in the name of the official Apple service but was, in reality, a fraud.

Such campaigns are not popping up for the first time, however, the large number of findings could have triggered the company to finally take action against such scammers.

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