"Google Family Link for parents" app lets you manage teens’ smartphone usage

Kids these days are quite infested with digital devices as a daily necessity, yes infested. With a phone in hand kids, especially emotionally unstable teenagers can take very little time to get affected by the dangerous world of internet.

Many sites have put such software that allow parents to monitor what their kid is doing while spending time on the device and so has Google. Family link gets an expansion as an aid to help the parents of kids over 13 to monitor their kids' activities, as announced by Google. There is, however, one setback for parents, as kids can easily turn off the supervision, not without sending an alert to the parents, but still, they have this autonomy.

Family link lets parents track and manage screen time, the location of the device, as well as the apps that could be installed on the device. This could anger some teens, but they need to understand, when you're under 18, you're still a child that needs supervision and provision from your parents, hence, this isn’t an invasion of privacy, but management of a privilege.

This tool rolls out this week throughout the globe as a part of an expansion to the Family Link worldwide, says Google. Every country has a different age criterion for being a teenager, for the US, it's 13.

This app will be available for the Chromebook devices.

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Power to the Parents: Google's parental control software Family Link expands to teens
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