Twitter Might Get Banned In Pakistan Over Objectionable Content

The Director-General of Internet Policy and Web Analysis of Pakistan Telecommunication, Nisar Ahmed briefed the Senate Standing Committee regarding the issue of Twitter not obliging to Pakistan's urges of removing objectionable content from the social network. He mentioned that other social media forums, such as Facebook and YouTube have already agreed to take it off, Twitter has not yet given a positive response.

This was discussed in the meeting set to get briefed over the penalties set by the organization (PTA) for the sites that do not take any actions against the ‘derogatory’ content being generated and spread through their portals.

Islamabad High Court aims at serving a final notice to Twitter before taking any drastic measures. Its observed by IHC that the amount of objectionable content has increased since this matter has been taken notice of.

The officials are of the view that Twitter is not as popular as Facebook in the country, so its ban is not such a big matter to the population in general, it would not matter much for the official to restrict its activities in the state. They further elaborated: “However, the platform would lose business if it was shut down in the country, the senior official told the members. The court is determined to teach Twitter a lesson — they will lose business.” which, in a way is not wrong since Twitter has not been doing as well as it did in the past as a social media outlet.

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In wake of these possible sanctions being implemented on the forum, the German ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler has shown his concerns and is of the opinion that this should be handled with less-stern measures. Being adored by many for his deep interest in the culture and way of the nation, he shares photos from his travels to various parts of the country, and in one such photo with Pakistani students, he cited his concerns over the matter saying: “Worried about press reports that #twitter is threatened in #pakistan,” in a tweet. He further wrote “Social media must be handled with responsibility but must not be blocked. A free country needs free social media!

Pakistan has already banned Facebook In 2008 and then in 2010 again, for the similar matters. Is it a similar situation and will twitter face a ban throughout the country if it does not oblige? Let us wait and see.

Twitter Might Get Banned in Pakistan

Source: Dawn.
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