"Locked accounts will no longer be counted in follower lists", announces Twitter

Twitter reported that it will no longer count accounts, which have been locked due to unacceptable behaviour online, in users' followers lists. Such accounts will remain frozen unless the respective users will log back in, and update their credentials.

Twitter went on to say that smaller accounts will lose about 4 followers. It is the bigger accounts which will experience real set back, in terms of follower count. As soon as this rule was implemented, President Donald Trump lost approximately 100K followers. Ex-American president, Barack Obama, suffered from a loss of 400K followers. Surprisingly, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey also lost 200K followers during this update.

Vijaya Gadde, who oversees Twitter's safety team, said that this action will help make Twitter a more trusted platform to use. He added that this would allow users to become more "confident" about their followers being more "meaningful and accurate".

All the accounts that write many replies or mentions and/or post misleading content will suffer at the hands of this new action. Those accounts, which have had their credentials phished, will also face blocking.

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