Instagram Scam Alert For The Users By BBB

For all the avid Instagram scrollers, a major scam alert has been put out by Better Business Bureau on Friday. The scam works by asking the users to post the advertisement of the products of sketchy companies on their accounts and act like ambassadors for perks offered in return.

This seems all well and good to new social media influencers, you just have to post an innocent ad and in return, you get free gifts, a possible commission and your account get recognition. The attraction of the deal so profitable compels you to sign up for the deal until the scam begins and people have reported to the BBB Scam Tracker that they have been robbed of $50 or more.

The scammers either ask for money for a “background check” or ask you to buy the products. The products that arrived were defected and broken. Even after all this the victims never get paid the ‘commision’ that they were so earnestly promised.

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The users need to learn how to spot a scam to not be fooled by them. Never be too ready to jump a boat that offers free stuff and then asks for money, they could use the excuse of running a credit card check as an excuse, or a training fee. Always get help from Google to make sure whether the company you're so eager to join actually exist or not. Their authenticity and user-generated reviews for their services always help.

Where the Internet has made lives easier and more accessible, there is a greater chance of losing money from unexpected sources as well, so one must proceed with caution.

Social Media Scam Alert: Instagram Users Fall for Phony Offers From Brands, Don't Fall for this Instagram Scam Says BBB
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