Top 100 Keywords Searched On Google In The Past One Year (infographic)

The 100 Most Popular Google Keywords [Infographic]Whether you are writing an article or searching for one, keywords play an important role when it comes to searching for stuff online. What are the most used keywords in the United States on Google Search, the answer was searched and compiled by Siege Media using Ahrefs platform.

The most searched queries, excluding the ones related to explicit content, are compiled in the following infographic.

Interestingly, the most famous word searched in a year till June 2018 has been “Weather”, the reasons could be countless, the repetitive nature of the various storms (cyclones, hurricanes and all) for the past year could be one.

“Maps, “translate”, “calculator” and “YouTube to MP3” accompany “Weather” in the top five in this particular ranking.

Donald Trump also made the list at the vibrant number 10, not surprisingly so.

The top 100 searched queries are:

The 100 Most Popular Keywords on Google Search [Infographic]
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