New Study Finds Social Media Influences Younger Americans More

With content on political and social questions constantly being posted on social media, one might imagine that those platforms are a potent tool in shaping opinion. Nevertheless, in a survey conducted by Pew Research only 14 percent of all American adults admit to already having changed their view on a social or political issue by seeing respective content on social media. Young adults aged 18 to 29 are most open to influence through posts on such platforms. Other than the survey’s outcome might suggest, social media still has a huge impact on opinion building, since a shift in political positions does not necessarily need to happen in a sudden and complete reversal of one’s opinion after being exposed to respective content. Also, it can be assumed that people who switched sides on a certain topic do not necessarily admit to it.

Take a look at below chart for more insights on how social media shapes public opinion.

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Social Media Influences Younger Americans More - chart

This post was originally published on Statista.
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