Google Search Will Soon Provide More Than Just Snippets For The Searched Query

Featured snippets on Google Search get an upgrade. These snippets, previously appearing atop of the results page, they will not only be about the thing that you initially searched for but the subtopics related to the topic will also be included among the list now, saving you the trouble of several clicks.

An example of this feature is “Quartz Vs Granite” query. Along with the snippets, searching for this query will also suggest search options for subtopics, like, benefits, durability, weight, and cost. These are automatically selected topics that work according to the Google’s algorithms.

These panels don’t need special sentence formation for the query to appear along with the subtopics like this, it is an inbuilt mechanism and will provide the topics that are most asked for according to the algorithms of Google itself.

These panels appear on smartphones specifically for the time being, but the company has assured that this feature will be released throughout pretty soon for many other queries.

This upgrade is claimed to be a part of the continued effort by Google to provide detailed and more comprehensive results for the queries searched in its search engine. Earlier this year, multiple snippets were shown to the query searched in Google Search.

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These efforts will surely bring about an easier and more time-saving experience with the site and on the internet in general, as the question in your mind will get answered before even being asked.

Google introduced some useful changes to its search results page
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