Does the Information You Share on Social Media and Public Platform Put You at Risk?

Today when social media has made our lives easy in terms of connecting with people, there is not all good when it comes to this service of the internet. Like everything in life, social media also has its pros and cons. Being a vital part of our everyday life, we cannot imagine our lives without a regular check on that notification popup glaring at you in all its glory, but that’s not all to the world of social media.

While it connects to the people that you may like, your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other major forms have your very personal data and this could fall into the hands of not so friendly people. A number of burglars have admitted that their victim’s social media accounts gave them an easy access to their personal information.

The infographic below, from Panda Security, demonstrates the potential privacy concerns pertaining to your Facebook and Twitter accounts:

How Much Does Social Media Know About You - #infographic
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