Protect Your Privacy While Venturing The World Of The Internet (infographic)

Our world is becoming a global village in terms of connectivity, its necessary to keep your personal information on your accounts private and secure. The breaches of personal data on the most well-known companies have been a fiery topic for the past year since the event where Facebook got over 87 million accounts’ information breached.

To not let that happen, go to and search your name, if it comes up, change your password asap.

Other ways to stay away from prying eyes, quite literally, is putting a tape over your camera with a duct tape, prefer the sites that have HTTPs in their address, these sites are encrypted and protected.

Usage of tracker and ads blocker along with switching your location off, helps. Review your privacy seconds for at least 10 minutes, set strong passwords, and keep the software updated.

Make disposable emails at, these are temporary and only stay active for short whiles. Add them to those services that you won't be using after one time. It helps you stay safe from years of spam-mails that follow.

Following is a nice little illustration for the empirical ways to keep your privacy protected:

How To Protect Your Privacy On The Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

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