5 Most High-Converting Landing Page Designs on the Internet [Infographic]

A conversion funnel is a structure of stages where you nurture your leads with different content and approach depending on how further in they are. Obviously, the purpose of everything you do inside this funnel is to turn a lead into a paying customer, visitors into subscribers, etc.

In order for that to happen, you need to encourage your leads into getting deeper into the conversion funnel by giving them information, content, or offers.

Landing pages are the final gateway that leads or visitors take before they committed into any form of subscription/transaction that you offer. They are one of the most important elements in your entire conversion funnel — messing up a landing page can mean turning away a hot lead, which is obviously bad for your business.

In this article, you will learn about the necessary things you need to construct a great landing page and CTA, as well as the most effective landing page design for your company. Read on!

What do you need in a landing page?

Generally, landing pages should be free of distraction in order to keep visitors’ focus into the offer. That said, you still need several components in order to make your offer more tempting.

Engaging Blurbs

You should include a short blurb to make the offer even more interesting for visitors. A landing page blurbs shouldn’t be too long. In fact, it doesn’t have to be even a sentence long, depending on how big of a risk you are willing to take. Netflix here knows that their visitors want to subscribe to their service. This is their current landing page blurb:

Short and precise. They can afford to do this because they already have a massive audience base to endorse their service that they don’t even need to make another customer onboarding effort.

However, this isn’t the case for every company. Smaller companies still need an engaging 1-2 sentences blurb to hype up their landing page visitors. Here are several notes on writing an engaging blurb for your landing page:

Use actionable words for the headline.
Your landing page headline should encourage visitors to engage in a certain action -- preferably ones that they’ll be happy to do e.g “Sell More Product” or “Get Better Conversion”.

Content should continue the conversation.
It means that the content in there should match where people come from. If they come from an email newsletter, you should use similar language and offer on your landing page.

Optimized page title, URL, and description
While these things may not be noticeable for visitors, the search engines use them to crawl your website for queries. Use these elements to rank for long-tail keywords -- short tail keywords should be directed to your homepage!

Product Videos

As mentioned earlier, a landing page blurb should be brief and concise. You can use a product video or an explainer video to help compensate for the lack of product description. Unlike writing a long essay that may discourage visitor from signing up or buying, an explainer video, you can introduce and promote your product in less than a minute.

However, you should find a way to make your video align with the conversion as opposed to being a distraction on the page. There are several ways to do it:
  • Include a clickable annotation at the end of your video.
  • Place the video behind a “How It Works” button.
  • Play the video silently in the background of your page.

Form (Optional)

Including your form directly in a landing page might improve visitors’ experience since it saves one click (and therefore time). However, it all depends on how you designed your entire website for conversion. Having your form in a separate contact page is also okay.

If you do include the form, consider how much information you want visitors to put in depending on the main goal of the page. Shorter forms usually means lower quality leads, but more conversion. Longer forms usually means high-quality leads (because they commit more information), but much fewer conversion.

Customized CTA Buttons & Placements

If your current landing page button only says “SIGN UP” or “SUBMIT”, you should change it right away. Landing page buttons should be just as enticing as the copy in your landing page. You should use actionable words like “Get Your FREE Ebook!”.

The placement of your CTA buttons is also an important thing to consider. There are millions of great CTA buttons placement on the Internet, and it’s a lot of work to find the perfect reference for your landing page.

Breadnbeyond, an explainer video company, created an infographic that contains the 5 most-used CTA designs on the internet and how they work. Check it out!

The 5 Most Used Call-to-Action Designs on the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]
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