Facebook's Apology Vandalized In London

Facebook has directed its efforts towards promoting its apologetic statements regarding the scandals that had the company pretty occupied for the past one year. Be it data breaches, its involvement in elections, or the fact that “fake news” was found to be quite a problem for its users.

These efforts do not seem to faze the residents of London though. There have been quite a number of vandalizing acts conducted on the promotional advertisements by the company in the city. The huge fortune spent on such campaigns do not seem to help the cause much for Facebook.

The apology recited by Facebook on television was ridiculed by John Oliver, the host of “Last Week Tonight” which instigated this wildfire and now Facebook’s posters are being attacked by an angry mob in London. They ask for a change in the company’s message.

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Protest Pencil has spiked the interest of the British press by their pictures on this topic on their social media outlets, namely, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Fake news is not our friend, it's a great source of revenue. Highlighting a poster in UK by some protesters, who trying to shame Facebook by vandalising its ubiquitous 'not our friend' ads in London
H/T: Proteststencil / Instagram
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