Cryptocurrency Mining Apps Slips Through The Ban Of Google On The Play Store

In spite of Google’s recent claims and declarations regarding the ban on the apps that offer mining of cryptocurrency, the British blockchain company, JSEcoin claims to have successfully launched on Google Play Store.

The app became functional recently and enables the users to manage their mined currency remotely or from the device directly. John Sim, JSEcoin co-founder as well as the chief technology officer claims that the app does not violate Google’s policy.

A Google spokesperson has also given a statement regarding the issue, saying “We regularly update our developer policies, in accordance with current best-practices, to maintain a safe and positive experience for developers and consumers on Google Play.” However, JSEcoin was shortly removed from Google Play Store in lieu of violation of the terms of services.

Google seem to not be absolutely stern over its action against the practice that such apps provide, as a number of this sort of apps have made it through to the Play Store despite of the new policies and conditions. An unofficial mining app of JSEcoin was also noted by Sim after the removal of the original one.

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Another fully functional mining app available on Google Play Store is MinnerGate. This app has over a million downloads currently and has been active for more than a year. The app supports the mining of altcoins and has over 8000 reviews, good and bad.

Mining apps seem to not go anywhere soon. Despite several bans, there are still a considerable number available, functional and live on Play Store and other places.

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Google claimed to ban cryptocurrency mining apps from Play Store, but we observed tons
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