New Collaborative Tools Launched By Pinterest

Pinterest now plans to divulge in the art of connecting people in a relatively familiar but fresh feature by which the users will have the facility of planning events with family and friends. On Wednesday, it launched the latest collaboration tools which will make planning projects and events easier using this platform, as per the company’s blog. On group boards, it will be more convenient to converse with other members with this recent activity feed feature.

If you have a Facebook account, it will not be something unfamiliar as it works similar to the facebook feed. You can follow about what’s new with your friend’s Pin, stay aware of when a new member joins, comment or like their Pin, also, if someone gets mentioned in your comment. Your conversations, however, are only available for the board group to look at.

While attempting a redesigning earlier this year, Pinterest introduced some new features. These features include saving Pins more efficiently and quickly by pressing them long, the organization of you Pins into sections and various other updates.

These features are available via the app updates and through the web.

"We're happy to introduce another feature Pinners have asked us for. Many of us draw inspiration from, or plan our most important moments with friends, partners, and colleagues," said the senior vice president of product at Pinterest Lawrence Ripsher. "These updates will make it much easier to do that on Pinterest, and help Pinners bring those ideas to life."

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