Radiation From Smartphones Can Damage A Teenage Brain

Remember how your parents always blame any and every health issues on your extensive usage of the smartphones? By a new research, you might have difficulty doing so since it suggests that a prolonged use of this device for a year may cause some memory loss.

Maybe not all the headaches, fever or the fact that your hair is falling is associated with the usage of smartphones, but this one thing is almost a fact. You do lose your precious memory if you use your smartphones constantly for a year in your teenage years. They were not absolutely wrong about that and now you may regret ignoring them completely.

The report by Environmental Health Perspectives in Switzerland states that smartphone radiation has a relationship with the loss of short-term memory in the teenagers.

The research was conducted on over 700 subjects aged from 12 to 17 years. They were exposed to the electromagnetic field radiations (RF-EMF), this is the type of radiation emitted from the phones during calls.

The subjects, when later on tested by image and verbal tests, the results that generated were negative and there was a substantial memory loss in relation to this exposure.

“This may suggest that indeed RF-EMF absorbed by the brain is responsible for the observed associations,” said the Head of Environmental Exposures, Martin Röösli,

However, there is something to feel good about. These memory changes only occur if the phone is kept near your head for long periods of time. The radiations do not affect if the device is not near your head.

Activities like texting, playing games, watching videos are exempted from this adversity.

Even though its not all clear how puberty plays a role in this damaging affect, and need more research to prove their relationship, Röösli does believe that the radiation poses a risk of damaging the brain.

As it’s a daily necessity to keep your smartphone nearby, the adverse effects can be minimized by keeping it at bay from your head and using headphones and loudspeakers can solve this dilemma.

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