From The Highest To the Lowest Paying Jobs In The Tech Industry

Like all the other industrial forms of businesses, the tech industry is also made up of a number of designated positions that require different amount of labor and thus the pay is different as well. The misconception that buds from the word Tech that the workers have lavish offices with comfy chairs to sit around all day, eyes glued to the screen of their computers, is not the truth behind the types of labor that makes up this industry.

Though it is correct that the higher ups get paid really well, there is still a considerable amount of workforce that does not get paid as the assumptions make them out to be. The positions with the highest paying cheques are computer and information system manager, with a lump sum of around $149,730 to marketing and sales managers averaging at $145,620 and $137,650 respectively.

However, the picture is not that extravagant in terms of pay scale on the other extreme of the spectrum where a technical support representative gets paid a mere $34,737. The pays are yet better than many other possible options for a profession, but when compared within the industry, it may become disheartening for some, as the work really is quite sedentary.

Take a look at the chart below, created by HowMuch, for more insights.

Visualizing the Best and Worst Paid Jobs in the Tech Sector - #infographic
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