Snapchat To Revolutionize The World Of Online Shopping

Snapchat aims to revolutionize the world of online shopping with its new feature. This tool allows the users to identify, scan and purchase the item of their desire by simply using their smartphone’s camera. The “Visual Search” engine, initially revealed by an app researcher available in the code of Snapchat's Android app, would connect the consumers to Amazon listings directly from the app.

As noted by TechCrunch, this feature would function by conveying the data to Shazam, Amazon and other partners. This would help Snapchat to earn a certain percentage of the profits made while making the purchase via the app.

Snapchat has always managed to maintain its position at the apex of the pyramid among its rivals in the world of social media by regularly updating its existing features and inventing new ones like segmented reality capabilities, self-destructing messages, and the “Story” format. Many of these features have been picked up by most of its rivals.

The CEO of Snapchat spoke out about the allegations on Facebook, how it constantly copies app’s most renowned features, saying that he hopes that Facebook would copy his firm’s values as well.

In the reference to the data scandal, how the personal data of over 87 million of its users got leaked by a third party for political gain, Mr. Spiegel stated: "We would really appreciate it if they copied our data protection practices also."

The rumors of this yet to be released features started while the revelation of Snapchat’s Lens Explorer, the latest feature that lets the users browse for thousands of augmented reality lenses made by the people via the Lens Studio app, launched the previous year.

Snapchat has claimed to own "the world's most engaged and creative AR platform,” with it over 70 million users.

"We're excited by the loyalty, creativity, and variety of experiences we're seeing from the Lens Studio community to date and are committed to continuing to invest in the platform, making AR creation accessible to anyone and bringing more and more diverse experiences to Snapchatters," a spokesperson for Snapchat said.
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