Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram: 30+ Social Media Statistics For Digital Marketers

Social Media Statistics Marketers Need to KnowThe immense spurt in the growth of social media might reach a monstrous number of 2.77 billion users all over the world by 2019 which got up from 2.46 billion in 2017. Therefore, it is essential now a day for the success of any business, to have an advertisement platform via social media. But the ever-changing technology, complicated algorithms and latest trends make is a near impossible task to access a predictable pattern towards success that would stay constant for a considerable period of time.

The lock to the successful business has no single key. Its dynamic nature, which in some part is essential to keep the users hooked to a particular platform, also deems an irrefutable hindrance for the marketers to take a breath of relief. They have to stay aware of the latest platforms, updates, trends and user preference — or they can go for a read towards the following social media marketing cheat sheet:

30+ Social Media Statistics Marketers Need to Know
Infographic courtesy of: Pancommunications.
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