Mobile Gaming: The Future Of The Gaming World

You're sitting alone, on a ride to home. But the commute takes more hours than you can sit idle for, you reach down your pocket and there's your phone, coming to the rescue. You switch it on and now you won't even know when the ride ended as you go up several levels of your favorite game on your device.

Mobile gaming has been conquering the world of online gaming for the past few years. The percentages for the gamers using their mobile devices have rocketed sky high as compared to the PC and gaming consoles. This trend seem nowhere near its end, and most likely, rightly so. It's easier, more accessible and kills time like nothing else. Now considered a serious revenue generating and marketing strategy, mobile gaming has made its mark.

Brands that made their names in this business like, Ubisoft, Bethesda and FIFA acknowledge the importance of an appreciable gaming experience in hooking the customer brand loyalty. With the passage of time, gaming will become an indefinite part of our everyday lives. They have also made sure of the fact that mobile gaming does not get replaced any time soon.

An important reason for its popularity is the new trend all over the social media regarding the mobile games. It helps spreading the word and the game becomes a trend.

One of the main reasons that mobile gaming is not easily replaceable is its portability and mobility. It can travel with you everywhere you go. As long as you have a desire to kill the time with a little adrenaline in the system, you'll never be disappointed with a game in your mobile, no matter where you are.

This infographic from Go-Globe illustrates some fascinating facts and statistics about the state of mobile gaming industry.

The State of Mobile Gaming Industry [Infographic]

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