This Week in Social Media: Instagram IGTV, Facebook Time-Management Tool, YouTube's New Monetization Options And More

This week’s social media updates bring about a variety of interesting new features on the apps and services that you use in your daily life.

Music to stories, a new Instagram featureDo your Instagram stories seem boring without some relatable music in the background? No worries, Instagram announced a new update that lets you add the music to your story before capturing the video. Music can be selected by tapping on the music icon found on the along with the stickers, hashtags, and GIFs. The updates also allow the users to put music up as their stories. The service for the new music feature is currently available in a few selective countries and the option to choose a music file before capturing a video, only for iOS, Android operating system will get it soon.

Creators get IGTV guidebook from Instagram: Creators get a handbook, a downloadable, official guide to IGTV by Instagram. the guide contains a range of helpful tutorials such as suggested apps, top tips and necessary tools for making and editing IGTV video, also, video uploading advice.

Video chats on Instagram: At the annual F8 conference of Facebook, for the first time, Instagram presented with a video chat option on Instagram Direct, Topics channels for Explore and the Stories got new and updated effects. All of these updates are available for the users of both Android and iOS. Up to 4 people can chat at once with this new feature. This will be available for anyone, the users have an active direct thread with and as more friends join, the video expands.

It has been made “even easier to browse through posts you want to see and accounts you want to follow” with the launch of Topic channels on Explore. "For You" channel, a feature which shows the posts according to your interests along with the channels on Sports, Beauty, Arts or Fashion and a variety of hashtags.

YouTubes recent monetization and introduction of “Premiers”YouTube’s recent monetizing policies now make it simpler and much easier to get your ads and merchandise through to the viewers. YouTube, at VidCon, announced “the next big step for creator monetization” and several more updates. FameBit, a new YouTube’s latest branded content platform, makes it easier for the creators and brands to build a better marketing partnership along with getting more channel memberships and merchandising.

Another feature of Premiers allows the creators to broadcast the pre-recorded videos in terms of live moments. YouTube will imitate a public landing page as the creators release a premier “to build anticipation and hype the new content.” YouTube claims that this service will be available by the next week.

Instant articles get ongoing subscription test from Facebook: Facebook tested subscription support in instant articles with 10 publisher partners. The initial test has been successful and Facebook is updating the program. These updates include that helps publishers to define when a reader acknowledges a paywall, time-based offers get supported and pre paywall upsells.

Facebook is also exploring other ways it can “help publishers grow their digital subscription businesses on and off Facebook”

Fundraising tools by FacebookAs over $20 million got raised in 11 days to RAICES via Facebook, the site gave out 2 latest features. The nonprofit fundraiser can get donations directly from the pages of public figures and common people.

Oculus TVFacebook launches oculus TV “a new and immersive way to experience your favorite shows, movies, and more on Oculus Go.” you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, sports and much more over Facebook.

“Your Time on Facebook” toolFacebook will tally the number of hours that you spend on the service. The average time per day along with a 7-day span will be monitored and you'll be alerted when you’ve reached the limit that you set prior.

Snoozing specific keywords: Facebook is experimenting with a snooze with keywords that will help the users to temporarily hide the posts. With this, users have the ability to block the unwanted news feed posts for 30 days.

Cross-post updates from Facebook to InstagramThis experiment aims at sharing a single-image Facebook post to your page, story or Instagram.

A non-profit workplace segment: Facebook workplace launches the latest tier namely, Workplace for Good, is a cost-free form of its product for non-profit schools and organizations.

Info and ads section gets introduced by Facebook on pages: Now, Facebook lets you view the active ads that a page is running throughout Instagram, Facebook, audience network and messenger. Users can also learn more about a page, like names that it changed and the date that it was created. Facebook claims that it will progress towards adding more details about the pages.

Using the mobile technology, Facebook aims to track offline ads: Facebook files a patent titled “broadcast content view analysis based on [an] ambient audio recording.” This technology enables Facebook to use the ambient audio signature that’s not audible to a human ear in a broadcast content. While a user watches this ad, the audio signature would make their smartphone or any other device to turn its microphone on, begin recording the audio and transmitting its data to Facebook.

QR codes for personal Linkedin profiles: Now you can get connected easier while meeting a someone in-person via Linkedin QR codes. They can be accessed by opting for the icon for the QR codes on the home tab’s search box. It's available for both Android and iOS globally.

Translations now available in linked in the feed: You can now get easy access to the translations via the “see translation” option on the news feed. Over 60 languages can be translated including Japanese, German, and Spanish among many more. This feature will be available on LinkedIn iOS and Android apps “in the next few weeks”

Spectacles for external sharing get optimize by Snap Inc.: Images and videos shot by Spectacle can now be shared outside of Snapchat. This eyewear contains sharing options, that produce widescreen and square-shaped photos and videos along with a black and white background as options for circular images.

More advertisers for in-stream video ads on Twitter: In-stream video ad feature that was introduced in 2017, now gets expanded to all the advertisers around the globe in 12 different countries that include: U.S., Brazil, France, Australia, Canada, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, UAE, UK and Spain.

Twitter media is here as publishing partners: Twitter media is here aiming at giving a lesson on “how to get most out of Twitter” to its publishing partners. Twitter media shows the best practices of the highest achieving content publishers. The information regarding the new products and features made particularly for content publishers. This site will be regularly updated as well.
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