How to Become a Google Search Jedi Master - #infographic

How to be a Google power user - A complete guide and best Google infographic on the internetSearch engines are the backbone of everyday internet use, but are you aware of the hidden tips and tricks available to improve your search?

Do you know that there are many different ways to search in Google?

Here's a nifty infographic that shows how to get the most out of your everyday Google searches.
How to Become a Jedi Master of Google Search - infographicKey takeaways from visual:

Google Search operators:

If you are looking for an exact phrase/word, use quotation marks, for example: "top social media sites".

If you want to get results from certain domains use site: command, e.g recipes

If you want to find pages whose title contains all words in the search, use allintitle: operator, e.g allintitle: best Google infographic.

Aside from the examples above, Google doesn't usually recognize punctuation and grammar. however, punctuation and symbols that do work in Google search include:
+ when searching for things such as blood type.
@ when searching for social tags.
# when searching for trending topics that use hashtags.

Google also has a few special search features that will help you find what you're looking for , faster.

Like: weather USA.
Calculator: 91*4

And besides using search terms, Google also offers you a host of other ways to search. Like Google images lets you to search for images related to a particular phrase or keyword. You can also upload or link to an image to find more about it, or similar images.

And for those who just want to have a bit of fun, try some of these search terms in Google:
do a barrel roll
Google in 1998

For most the world largest search engine Google is already an incredibly useful resource, but by following these tricks and tips, you can transform it into your most valuable research tool.

Infographic courtesy of whoishostingthis.
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