This Chart Depicts Social Media Usage Across Generations

Social media has to be one of the most pivotal tool in everyone’s life especially in today’s Digital Age. Whether it’s a teenager or a 60-year-old retired chap, everyone uses it to stay informed with latest happenings and to stay connected with their loved ones.

In a recent report, the behavior of social media usage was discovered across different generations. While Gen Z use it essentially for finding entertaining content, the older generation is keener to keep up with their friends. The former generation is more likely to find a funny content than to know what their friends are doing. On the other hand, entertainment doesn’t excite the old age groups; however, they are also keen to get the content of a different kinds which could be related to latest news alerts.

45% of Gen Z use social media to find entertaining content. Conversely, 27% of the Baby Boomers are online because their friends are also on different social platforms. Another fundamental factor among Gen Z is the rising popularity of graphical images. It indicates that 39% are keen to share photos with their friends and families.

Among all the differences across various generations, there is some kind of consistency too. Staying updated with the latest news and to stay in touch with friends hold some steadiness for each generation.

This Chart Depicts Social Media Usage Across Generations
Source: GlobalWebIndex
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