The Evolution of Local Search (infographic)

With Google regularly reevaluating its algorithms and search results pages, online search will continue to evolve. The local search space is also in flux, making it a challenge for many marketers to keep up with the latest search trends. This year, these changes will likely continue as new features arrive on the scene.

So, what should marketers make of these changes to the local search space? MDG Advertising has just updated its popular infographic, Local Search Evolved, to highlight some of the key developments in the local search scene. The infographic reveals how mobile continues to impact local search as more and more people rely on their phones for quick, reliable information. Plus, 82 percent of smartphone users rely on search engines when finding a local business.

Local search also makes a dramatic impact on business growth. In fact, mobile devices are expected to contribute to $1.4 trillion in local sales by 2021. This is because local searches often lead to action—72 percent of consumers will visit a store within five miles of their location after conducting a search.

Using a search engine is the primary way that consumers find businesses, making it essential for brands to implement an SEO strategy. They must optimize their link, on-page, and citation signals to boost organic rankings. Generating favorable reviews also will play an important role in attracting visitors to your website and, eventually, your business.

Ultimately, brands that incorporate a variety of tactics will find success in the local search sphere. Focusing on mobile search keywords, your site’s SEO, and customer reviews are all good approaches when developing a local search plan. Learn how your brand can harness the power of local search by checking out MDG’s full infographic.
Local Search Evolved [Infographic]
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