You Will Now Be Able To Track ‘Time Spent’ On Instagram

The CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom has confirmed via a tweet that Instagram is currently working on a ‘Usage Insights’ feature. Subsequently, a user would be able to see how much time he has spent on the platform once the feature is rolled out. Instagram users on Android would be able to see the numbers quite soon, however, it is unclear whether it will depict the total time spent or time spent of late (within a week).

By the look of things, Instagram is keen to encourage the possible decline in the usage of the platform or by permitting the users to better manage their time which is indeed a brave pledge. The users will be informed about the time which they are spending on Instagram and how could they possibly reduce (if spent heavily) the time to make sure they are keeping well in terms of their well-being.

Another key point is that parents would be able to keep on their children’s activity and they could also limit them to a certain time by taking a look at the Usage Insights feature. The feature was first unearthed by Jane Manchun Wong as she is known as an app investigator.

Image Source: TheVerge
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