An Introvert’s Guide to Getting Your Voice Heard - #infographic

Getting heard in general as an introvert can be difficult enough, but one area where this is particularly noticeable is in your professional life. Remaining quiet in a meeting of more sociable colleagues is not only uncomfortable but can also damage your chances of career progression. To overcome this, here are some useful tips to try and make expressing yourself at work easier:

1. Preparation is key
By having formed clear opinions or questions about a meeting’s topics beforehand, the words will come easier to your mind when you do decide to speak.

2. Get warmed up
Just like stretching before a jog, it is good for an introvert to ease themselves into the mode of communicating with others. You can do this by arriving early to your meeting and chatting with colleagues by making small-talk or asking them about the topics of the meeting.

3. Get your body to help
By maintaining an upright posture while seated and using positive body language you can reduce cortisol, your stress hormone, and put yourself in a more confident frame of mind.

4. Don’t feel pressured to speak
If you prefer to take time to form a clear answer before speaking don’t make yourself uncomfortable by hesitating or stuttering, ask that they come back to you shortly when you’re ready.

5. Follow up in a more comfortable setting
If you feel better talking with people individually, let them know that you’d like to discuss a point from the meeting in person.

Getting better at speaking up at meetings won’t necessarily happen overnight but practicing is important. For a more in-depth look at how you can improve this infographic from On Stride Financial can be a useful guide.
An Introvert's Guide to Getting Your Voice Heard in a Meeting - #infographic
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