10 Apps that Android and iPhone Video Editors Must Have

The way we communicate, consume entertainment, and do business has changed rapidly over the last decade. As smartphones continue to infiltrate our lives during this digital age, people around the globe are demanding high-quality, dynamic, and engaging video content. Video editors have a tough job.

Do you know the best apps out there? Don’t weed through the masses yourself. Trial and error takes too much time —and time is money! Check out this list of 10 apps that Android and iPhone video editors must have:

1. iMovie

Apple’s video-editing app is a powerful option that can do almost everything its desktop counterpart can do. You can also transfer the project to your desktop if you need to finish it up there. Apple makes it easy to browse clips and create Hollywood-style trailers —in stunning 4K-resolution. Features include studio-quality titles, extra-special effects, high-fidelity filters, and simplified soundtracks with built-in sound effects, music, and voice-over recording.

2. FilmoraGo

This free mobile video editor keeps the bar high in alignment with their desktop version too. You can create subtitles and text, trim a video clip, add filters, speed up the content, and add overlays. It also gives you the ability to add themes with relevant visuals, as well as music. It’s available for both iPhones and Androids. FilmoraGo is definitely in the top tier here.

3. Magisto

Magisto is an excellent choice for the beginner. This user-friendly option doesn’t require much previous experience and produces excellent results. As with many other apps, you have options for in-app purchases including pro features that also give you unlimited cloud storage space and downloads. A subscription of this kind also allows you the ability to make longer movies.

4. Overvideo

Available only for iOS device owners, Overvideo has the fab feature of adding text anywhere to a video and determining how long it will appear on the screen. You can make text and artwork appear and disappear within the video, utilizing features including an opacity scale. Overvideo is a primo choice for adding subtitles to your video if you don’t want to take the time and effort to edit on every social platform separately.

5. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip gives you small-screen video editing with “big-screen results.” You can edit easily and quickly with two different editing styles: automatic and free-form. The automatic option lets you make a clip based on an uploaded video, where you can customize the video pace, the order of the clips, and the music. The free-form gives the ability to personally trim the video clip, sequence it, and then perform the final edits manually. This app from one of the “big-guns” of course has music options too.

6. LapseIt

Have you heard of LapseIt? If not, you need to be aware of its very valuable features. An app that is a great fit for social media sharing, it is very effective at showing engaging visuals of an event that takes place over a long period of time. From a setting sun to parties with friends, silly animal behaviors or the movement of the clouds, LapseIt uses the photographic technique time lapse to give an accelerated view of slowly changing events. It’s free, but you can purchase a version that increases the resolution along with other premier features.

7. mixbit

Mixbit is a fun app that allows for collaboration. Are you a video editor that works with teams often? Direct from the creators of YouTube, this app is designed to let you invite friends or coworkers directly or create a sharable open project link. You can even combine multiple videos into one creation. The videos are easily exported to YouTube, or you can share via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

8. Quik

The visionaries behind GoPro created this amazing video editing software. An aptly-named app, Quick can make social-ready videos in just a few minutes —or less. It lets you add up to 200 images and video clips from your Photo Library, or GoPro Plus. It also has a special auto-sync feature for your music too, typically unavailable in other apps. Choose from 26 video styles, more than 80 free songs, personalize your stories with text overlays and title slides— and you can even add emojis! It lists very high ratings in the customer review section in the iTunes app store.

9. Vizmato

Vizmato is also a quick app and a good choice for one-touch sharing to several social media platforms. It allows you to record videos in-app in HD with either front or rear-view camera. You also have the option to use videos from your phone’s library. Do you do a lot of Instagram stories? The diverse themes and filters are filled with fun and creative options that can help your videos go viral.

10. Action Movie FX

Do you feel the need for speed? Action Movie FX from Bad Robot Interactive can add alien death rays, missile strikes, car crashes and other special effects to your video — giving them that real Hollywood joie de vivre! You can even get Star Wars FX. In-app purchases include a Cyborg Pack, Sky Pack, Attack Pack, and a Star Trek Pack. Ready. Set. Action!

Mobile video editing has never had so many features — and the choices keep expanding. For exclusively creative purposes or for growing your business through high-quality, branding videos, diverse video-editing apps are critical in getting your videos online quickly, viewed, and shared widely on social media.

Whether you primarily use an iPhone or an Android, exciting options are out there to elevate and expand your previous video editing experiences. Dive in — try one or try all to find the best fit. The camera is waiting.
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