The State of Influencer Marketing: What Every Brand Needs to Know [infographic]

If you’ve ever scrolled through an Instagram feed, it’s likely that you’ve witnessed the power of influencer marketing. Today, more than two-thirds of businesses say they’re running some type of influencer strategy to boost engagement and reach target audiences. Despite the popularity of influencer campaigns, measuring their success can be difficult. Plus, factoring influencers’ compensation into your marketing budget can present challenges.

So, what should marketers know about influencer marketing? What data points and other metrics are essential when determining influencer success? How should brands compensate their brand ambassadors? MDG Advertising’s new infographic answers these pressing questions.

Currently, brands are using easily accessible metrics to gauge success, including engagement, traffic, and sales. However, brands increasingly want ways to determine audience reach and reaction, which could help them further boost their influencer strategies. Because influencer marketing is a relatively new area of brand promotion, it’s likely that measurement tools will become more in-depth over time.

Of course, a great influencer campaign starts with high-quality content. The infographic below sheds light on what types of posts perform best, along with the most effective platforms. You’ll also find out how to compensate influencers, whether it’s pay per post or through free products.

Whether your brand is solidly committed to an influencer program or just testing the waters, knowing how to approach and pay for influencer content is key. Check out the full infographic to learn how influencer marketing can boost your brand’s promotional efforts.
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