Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business [infographic]

When it comes to online marketing, video has reigned supreme for quite a while with no indication as to being dethroned anytime soon. The facts and stats are undeniable; video is simply an effective, cost-efficient way of promoting all kinds of content.

The world of online marketing both sets and follows trends in almost equal measure. For example, it is undeniable that people have shorter attention spans for consuming content now than ever before.

As such, short, on-the-point videos are the most effective in not only making sure that potential consumers and other interested users will watch your content but also that they will take a liking to your brand and the services or products that you offer.

On the other hand, social video marketing can also create trends. It should be obvious to anyone in and outside the industry that successful campaigns, for example, breed copycats in the hundreds as they see just how positive people react to them.

Of course, choosing exactly how to deliver your content can also be a challenge. Short videos, for instance, are fantastic for many types of content but they are not great for everything. If you are an already-established brand, for example, then a longer demonstration video of at least a couple of minutes is actually the most beneficial.

On the other hand, if you are simply looking to showcase some customer testimonials, you are much better off with incredibly short videos of 30 seconds or less. That way, you can capture the attention of your intended audience without being overbearing.

This information and a lot more has been compiled into a neat infographic by Filmora who are keen on helping you understand why video is the best choice to promote your business.
Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business [infographic]
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