10 Powerful Web Design Tactics for 2017 (infographic)

10 web design and UX trends to boost conversions in 2017 - infographic

This infographic from The Deep End Design profiles ten great web design and UX trends to watch for in 2017. They're all based on fundamental principles known to boost conversions. Try one or more of these tactics to make your website more powerful in the new year:

Infographic: 2017 Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions


Visuals matter and play an important part in conversion. Five trends to consider in 2017:

  1. Age-Responsive Design allows you to target your audience by using images and other aesthetics based upon age demographics.
  2. Skeleton Screens keep the visitor entranced as the screen loads and make the process seem faster (a good way to keep a customer).
  3. Animated CTA Buttons attract attention. Subtle speaks volumes; a little movement will catch the eye and help your call-to-action stand out.
  4. Cinemagraphs are gifs, but much more stylistic than old school animated images. They’ve been around since 2011, but are still emerging with plenty of power to attract attention on your webpage.
  5. Persuasive videos are far more than visual. Images of real people saying positive things about your service or products are powerful.

Marketing Strategy

Three marketing strategies to employ in 2017 are:

  1. Use engagement bots to bolster conversions around-the-clock. Those clever little bots can answer your prospect’s questions and send ‘em straight to conversion.
  2. Shopping cart marketing works because you already have a customer — offer a related product or discounted bundle to increase sales by 10 to 30 percent.
  3. Not every visitor will convert immediately, but you can catch some of those who are heading away by offering a discount, free shipping, or some other incentive.


For navigation, in 2017, less is more. Keep these tactics in mind:

  1. Forget your homepage and complicated menus. Instead, craft landing pages for all your promotions and lay out the path to conversion all on one page.
  2. No need to clutter up your pages trying to get everything at the top of the screen. Scrolling is the new norm, especially for the growing audience on mobile devices.

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Therese works as a strategist at The Deep End Web Consulting. Her passions include everything related to content marketing, solid user experiences, and social media.
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