Tips for Pepping Up Your Inbound Marketing Tactics for 2017

Tips for Pepping Up Your Inbound Marketing Tactics for 2017

Inbound marketing is crucial to the success of your business. Inbound marketing has several dimensions: as such you would require numerous techniques and tactics to overcome the inbound marketing challenges if any. However, inbound marketing is certainly not complicated and fortunately, there are many core practices which are tried and tested and very effective in boosting brand exposure. Marketing has been pretty effective in generating leads, as well as, in building a brand which is loved by customers and potential customers, to interact with. However, all inbound marketing strategies and tactics are not the same. If you wish to forge ahead of the competition and want to be noticed, it is essential to carry on tweaking and improving your tactics with time.

You must have experienced phenomenal success this year, you need to keep up the good work by utilizing whatever you have learned so far to improve and fine tune your current inbound marketing stratagem in the upcoming New Year. With the increasing popularity of content marketing, today inbound marketing is integral to your online business success more than ever before. The major issue here being, everyone else is also doing it. As more and more businesses are trying to attract more leads via content, there is no place for mediocrity. Only those who are adding extraordinary value are actually, the ones who would get noticed ultimately. You simply cannot stick to what everyone else is doing as that would not be enough to fetch you results that you are aspiring for. So, try out these effective tactics to give a real boost to your inbound marketing stratagem for the year 2017.

Enriching Your Blogs Is Vital

Blogging is an effective way of interacting with your customers on a relatively more personal level. You could tell them about what your company is doing and the problems that are being solved by your business. Your blog could act as your company’s mouthpiece. Though high-quality content could get you a higher ranking in the search engines, your main focus should be on enriching the content to connect with all your customers and potential customers.

The advantages of blogging simply cannot be undermined. Right from reinforcing thought leadership to getting a higher SERP ranking to generating a valuable resource for your target audience to utilize; your blog could be a fantastic asset for your brand. Remember blogging is most definitely, a crucial component of the inbound marketing stratagem. By enriching your blogs and perfecting your blogging tactics, you could build a robust reputation, populate your email list and drive more traffic to your website.

All this said you must be wondering how to create engaging blog posts that would make you stand out from the rest. Here are some truly effective tips to consider while developing your blog content.

• Leveraging interactive content such as infographics, polls, surveys, videos, calculators and even podcasts for enriching your content and enhancing your website experience.

• Adding visuals could make your site more appealing in appearance and you would be getting more social shares while publishing blog posts in the social media platforms.

• Opting for long-form content could mean better performance on search engines. Generating a content strategy supporting 2000 plus words blog posts.

• Mobile optimization of your blog is a must today if you wish to engage effectively with your customers and potential customers. Today more and more people are accessing your website on mobile devices, therefore, you must ensure that your audience easily has access to your website and read the content legibly.

In 2017 try focusing your blog specifically around all those people who are genuinely interested in reading it. Devote enough time to assess and clearly understand their goals, requirements, and aspirations. You could think of answering queries and providing valuable advice. You would need to devote a little extra time but it is surely worth the investment.

Boosting Email Subscriber List Is the Key

As per statistics, 74 percent of the businesses today consider email marketing as one of the most effective channels of business communication having the highest ROI. Developing your list of leads is vital to the sustenance of your business. Your primary focus should be on capturing vital and high quality leads as that would present conversion opportunities and prospects could easily be coaxed and converted into buying customers. With effective email subscriber nurturing strategies, your email list could become a revenue-generating device for your company. Here are some effective tactics to boost your email subscriber list in 2017.

• A pop-up must appear when the content comes to an end once your visitor has read that page.

• Demonstrate a nice sticky top bar having tools such as Hello Bar which are sure to capture attention.

• Consider hosting quality-rich webinars on a regular basis.

• You could get into the habit of using inline downloads which would be appearing on your blogs.

Once the leads have been generated, you must consider nurturing them to persuade them into taking the buying decision. It is a good idea to segment the list for effectively personalizing or customizing your messages for boosting engagement. Concentrate on this strategy to get optimal results from email marketing campaigns.

Optimizing for Search Is the Best Bet

SEO is critical to the success of your online marketing campaign. Today searches are performed mostly on any mobile device or using voice search. Just having tons of content is not enough. Getting found involves a lot of factors. It is precisely about coming up with the perfect content that has the necessary backlinks for proving it. It pays to remember that visuals are certainly a fantastic way of adding real value to the content, boosting shares and prompting people to consider linking to your articles. You could make your content far more interesting by including the right infographics as they would be making your content more linkable and shareable.

Bolstering Social Media Strategy Is a Must

Social media is playing a pivotal role in boosting purchase decisions and it is as effective as television. Social media is also the most preferred channel for business communication among one-third of the millennials. If you improve the social media strategy, you would be able to connect with your followers much better and you could boost audience engagement. Know your social media aspirations and objectives clearly. If you have a well-defined objective, you could successfully convey this goal in your CTA.

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Your Guide to Inbound Marketing [Infographic]
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2017 could certainly be the best year for your business but you would need to devote time to building an effective strategy and ensuring flexibility for adjusting along the way. By deviating a little from the usual, you could effectively use inbound marketing tools for driving more leads, boosting revenue, and pleasing your customer base. Do not be happy with average inbound marketing tactics this year. Chalk out a phenomenal strategy which would certainly be demanding results.

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