How to Engage Your Facebook Fans with Video Content

How to Engage Your Facebook Fans with Video Content

Since Facebook regularly sees well over 1 billion active users, maintaining an active presence can work wonders for boosting your visibility. Text posts are easy enough to send out, but you may find that your fans don’t engage with them nearly as often as you’d like. If you want to drive conversions, you’re going to need to maximize your post engagement. That’s where videos come in.

According to Facebook, video and image content are the most likely to be shared. This could be because most people are visual learners, and people simply don’t feel as inclined to read while they’re browsing the internet. Videos have the potential to be your greatest weapon, as long as you’re using them properly.

Provide useful video resources

Look at what many successful Facebook pages are doing. A scroll through the news feed of your personal Facebook will show you the kinds of videos people share. Oftentimes, the videos you stumble upon are providing some kind of valuable resource, such as a recipe or a ‘life hack’. These videos are useful to the people who watch them, and they feel inclined to share the knowledge with their friends. That’s why these videos circulate so quickly.

Depending on the interests of your audience, you may be able to implement a similar video content strategy. Creating or curating videos that your audience will find appealing can help your fan base grow. They’ll share your video, and their friends will share your video. The cycle can go on forever, driving traffic back to your Facebook page. Everyone wins in this scenario – your followers are exposed to content that’s relevant to their lifestyles, and your engagement spikes!

Give your fans the inside scoop

You aren’t the only person who does what you do. You’re competing for the same attention that many others are attempting to win, and videos can help you distinguish yourself from your competitors. Videos that provide a sneak peak of an upcoming project or an inside look at your day-to-day operations will compel the interest of your audience. They want to know what things are like behind the scenes, and video content can satisfy their curiosity.

These videos should demonstrate to your fans more of who you are, and less of what you do. They should feel exclusive, authentic, and your personality should shine through.

Entertain people with relevant humor

This one never fails. You won’t meet someone who doesn’t enjoy humor. The internet is full of memes, viral videos, and jokes because people love to laugh, and they love to share. Creating a humorous video post will keep people excited and engaged. They’ll look forward to checking in on you if they know they’re going to enjoy what they’ll find!

When it comes to video content, there are so many ways to approach the situation. There’s only a few simple rules to follow: never post content that your fans may find offensive or divisive, don’t spam your readership with useless content solely to boost likes, and make sure every video you post holds meaningful values. Once you know what you’d like to share, it’s time to start posting those videos, boosting your engagement, and driving your conversions!

Kelly Smith works at CourseFinder, an Australian online education resource. She is passionate about the Australian startup scene and new marketing trends.
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